5 Reasons Why Your Direct Marketing Campaign Might Be Failing

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Have you recently launched a direct marketing campaign, but
aren’t getting the results that you expected? With any direct marketing
campaign there are many variables that need to be considered. After years of
running successful direct marketing campaigns, and collecting data every step
of the way, we’ve identified a few checkpoints that could very quickly lead you
to the underlying reason for the failure of your campaign.

Having unrealistic expectations

Always start with the end goal in mind. In order to run a
successful campaign you need to know where you are heading. Set a realistic
expected ROI and then identify ways to work towards that with the resources
that you have available.

Beware of starting with an unrealistic desired ROI. Rather,
calculate the most likely ROI based on the variables of the campaign such as
product, available data, and general customer behaviour in your sector.

Data, data, data and
more data

Simply put, the better the data at hand, the better your
chances of success.
Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Have you targeted the right market? Have you
taken the time to understand your consumers and determined exactly what they
Did you profile the data? Data profiling is the
process of examining the available data and collecting statistics, summaries,
and conclusions from that data.
How will your data selection affect the
long-term results of your campaign? We’ve found that, especially in the
financial services sector, it can be easy to find consumers who are willing to
buy, but you need to consider whether these buyers will pay the premiums and
how long you expect them to remain subscribed.

The wrong product

If your ROI is realistic and your data is up to scratch, but
your campaign is still struggling, then your product may be the culprit. There
are various elements to consider when deciding on what product to market to
your database.

Most importantly, is it the right product for your target
audience? Defining the right product may include questioning whether your
target audience really needs it, if it comes in at the right price, or if
there’s actually a demand for it.

Secondly, consider whether your product is simple enough to
sell over the phone. Does the product need lots of explaining for the consumer
to see the value? The best products for telesales are simple ones.

Is it your sales

When it comes down to it, the telesales consultants are the
ones who need to convince your audience to buy. Do they have the right product
knowledge and do they believe in it enough to sell it? Is your sales system
easy enough for them to use?

Train, test, rescript and retrain if needed. Listen to what consumers
are saying on the phone and apply this your scripting and campaign moving

You’re not reporting

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, data is vital
to campaign success. But so often reporting is neglected. Just keeping track of
sales isn’t enough; you need to collect, analyse, and report on all the data in
order to determine what the root of success was – so that you can repeat the
recipe. Get the right reporting tools and analytics team to identify areas that
need improvement, then test and retest until your formula is spot-on.
If you’ve tried all the above and your campaign is still
struggling, just contact us for expert advice in direct marketing campaigns.

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