Load Shedding

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LSD …..
What does frizzy hair, road rage, missed
appointments and unhealthy fast food have in common?
These are some of the less disastrous, but
very common symptoms of LSD (Load Shedding Drama – not to be confused with
another similar acronym!) triggered by the dreaded electricity shortage.  We all have that “friend” who arrived an hour
late for a meeting, absolutely frazzled with hair noticeably untamed and
displaying severe caffeine withdrawal symptoms and with traces of greasy Egg
McMuffin palm prints left on a shirt sleeve by a traumatised child earlier after
arriving late at school…
No matter how unflattering, unnerving and
disruptive LSD can be, if these are the level of symptoms and consequences you
experience you have come off lightly (no pun intended).
Seriously though, load shedding is a
reality and the far reaching implications are only now starting to become
evident.  Horribly expensive situations
like burnt carpets due to hairdryers being left on, fires due to oil boiling on
a stove and blown electrical equipment after power surges.  Dreadfully sad situations for those with life
threatening conditions and dependent on oxygen or dialysis.  Terrifying situations with increased crime
and vulnerability if security systems are affected.
Word on the radio wavelengths is that the
Insurance Industry is one of the worst affected industries with claims pouring
in as a result of damage to property and equipment and increased crime.  Managing policyholders’ expectation and
providing relevant and adequate cover whilst balancing the increased claim
ratio is a priority for all underwriters, especially with the focus on TCF.
We believe in being pro-active and if we
can’t find a brave (really, no-one?) underwriter to develop a specific product
covering all risks associated with load shedding, to do the next best thing
which is to educate and communicate with policyholders.
At CDA we have specialised communication
tools and strategies to reach all or segments of policyholders efficiently and
timeously.  Our Automated Voice Messages
(AVM) system can be personalised to confirm certain key benefits and features
of existing policies or refer policyholders to their intermediary or insurer
for further confirmation of cover.  AVM
can also be used as a super efficient IVR system, transferring calls directly
to various brokers or underwriters.  At
this point it is obviously imperative that underwriters have sufficient “fuel”
to keep the lines of communication open and client service centres operating to
full capacity, even during load shedding!
Using AVM during the claims process to keep policyholders informed or
facilitate the collection of supporting documentation, all aids to improve the
policyholder’s experience with the underwriter or intermediary.
After finalising the claim process, AVM is
a powerful tool to obtain policyholder feedback and create opportunity to
increase the exciting cover or provide additional services.
There is a clear expectation from
underwriters that policyholders act in a responsible and diligent manner when
protecting their property.  We believe
that regular reminders such as emails and text messages will keep suggested
mitigating factors and potential implications top of mind.  Most importantly, all relevant communication enhances
relationships and indicates that underwriters care and treat their customers


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