Meet The Team

We are a team of passionate, driven individuals

We are a team of Passionate, driven individuals

In a service and delivery focused business and industry, we are fortunate to have a strong, diverse and results driven team.  We have all worked together for many years and with our experience and expertise in this industry, we are set to create many new solutions and grow our business

  • Shani Plantema
    Shani Plantema Managing Director

    I’m an accountant by trade, and love everything about business. I’m easily excited by new ideas and I’m on a constant quest to create opportunities. 

    In life, and especially in business, timing is everything. After seeing the direct marketing and financial services industries grow and evolve during the last 2 decades, the timing has never been more appropriate for new products, new partnerships and new adventures. Starting another new venture with my partners and our talented, experienced and passionate team is an absolute privilege and we are very excited about the future. Our focus on direct marketing strategies, together with our strong network of industry friends, has allowed us to identify opportunities and create solutions within the Financial Services space. 

    And yes, we’re still a bit crazy … but it’s the crazy ones who believe they can actually change the world…and that’s a good start! 

  • Lucy Kalify
    Lucy Kalify Commercial Director

    I started my career in direct marketing just over 20 years ago and have had the privilege of working at various institutions and with industry leaders that have shaped my career, thinking and learning.  

    There are not many people that can say that they dreamt of being in the insurance and direct marketing industry, and with a law degree behind me, I chose this route.  

    I am fundamentally passionate about finding solutions for business challenges and especially when you get to do this with a great team of passionate and slightly crazy individuals … not much different to myself! With a powerful business partner by my side (yes, she paid me to say that), a supportive and loving husband and two amazing children I can only be driven to succeed. And all of this whilst always looking for the lighter side of life. 

  • Zeyn Abdullah
    Zeyn Abdullah General Manager

    I began my career in the direct marketing industry in 2003. 14 years down the line and I’ve sure learnt a lot.  

    During my time in the industry I have been lucky enough to work in various roles. I started out at the very beginning as sales agent, moved up to sales manager, went on to become campaign manager, client relations manager and now General Manager. 

    CDA Solutions is a great company with a fantastic team of dynamic and open-minded people, all of whom truly have a passion for pushing the boundaries and always delivering results. I am proud to be part of such a dynamic team and to be responsible as a key player in the operational arena at CDA Solutions 

  • Lourens Botha
    Lourens Botha IT Manager

    After completing my BCOM honours degree about nine years ago and not knowing what to do with it, I started as an insurance broker in the financial industry. Having tried sales and not liking it at all, and after a very short stint in accounting, I moved to a broker group where I reintroduced myself to my first love: computer programming. 

    Having had an epiphany that one should always do what one loves, I then moved on to CDA Solutions where I gained valuable business knowledge learnt and how to best apply my ever-expanding development skills. I, together with our team of dynamic individuals continuously look for innovation and new solutions for our clients, making the impossible possible. 

  • Alitia Juds
    Alitia Juds Client Portfolio Manager

    I joined the industry just over 10 years ago with no experience and I have been learning ever since. In February this year Shani and Lucy invited me to be part of their dynamic team when they started CDA Solutions.  

    Today, I am the Client Portfolio Manager at CDA Solutions and my main role is to build strong client relationships and to provide strategic insight into our clients’ direct marketing strategies. 

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