What are the ODDS?

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As a financial services marketer, you want the ODDS stacked in your favour when trying to determine the likelihood of clients purchasing a particular product and their ability to service the premium payments.
More simply, you want to lower your acquisition costs and you want maximum term premium payments.
The ODDS analytics tool was developed to identify previously “unfeasible” data and to create profitable prospect pools and marketing strategies for this data. Utilising unique predictive analysis and machine-learning algorithms to find patterns in data that might predict specifically required outcomes, ODDS can be used across a broad range of financial services products.
It will indicate batches of data where clients’ likelihood of buying a specific product as well as their propensity to pay are high, ensuring campaigns are feasible from both a marketing and a premium collections point of view. ODDS will also indicate the optimal cover or premium for the client to maximise persistency. The mix and composition of the dataset, with different response and persistency rates, is important to ultimately ensure a successful sales campaign.
If you want to turn the ODDS in your favour, make sure that you visit www.maxmyodds.com or contact Alex Devezas on 011 993 6600.
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