Year End Fun(ction)

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subject that tends to linger in the minds of all employees… a full year of 9
– 5, demanding bosses and complaints from customers… October is over,
November is passing and December is just around the corner…. and still no
news of a year-end function.
the long anticipated invitation arrives… 
a bright yellow A6 invite with Hawaiian Leis on the design. Date: 15
December 2014. The party is on the 9th Floor of our building, so you
think quietly to yourself “What fun could that be? An open office with concrete
and spare furniture…. sounds great”
you wait anxiously for 2pm to arrive, it’s a Monday and you should really be
off because the next day is a public holiday, you’re already in holiday mode
and the day is just dragging. Finally, there’s some movement, everyone is getting
a green wrist band and tokens. It’s 2pm, you shut down your laptop, shake off
the office shackles and escape to the 9th floor for the celebration.
lifts are full so you take the stairs (I mean, what’s 7 floors?), finally you
reach the 9th floor, out of breath and feeling hot. You open the
door to enter the floor and a much deserved gust of wind smacks you in the
face. You walk into the open plan office and it’s the complete opposite of what
you thought it would be. It’s a day and night party in one. The office has been
split in two with a dark club vibe on your right and a bright outdoor vibe on
your left. Wow (for real, wow!)
tables are set with delicious fruit platters, crisps and Leis, the ceiling
filled with colourful lanterns and people sitting everywhere. The bar which is
situated between the two areas filled with ciders, beers and soft drinks is
very well organised with 3 barmen ensuring no one stands around waiting for
take a seat, the formalities begin with the director thanking everyone for
their hard work during the year and wishing everyone a safe festive season and
ending off welcoming the guests to eat as lunch was being served… delicious
lamb and chicken with scrumptious potatoes and salads await us.  
announcement is made about a photo booth which has arrived, almost
instantaneously there’s a queue for the photo booth (people must love photos),
4 pictures per session, fun props and you receive a print out of your photo’s
immediately… what’s not to love?

done, belly’s full and drink in hand. What next? Well, there’s this entire
darkened dance floor and a DJ playing music… next thing, there’s a dance
competition with quite an attractive monetary prize, so why not pull out some
of the dusty old dance moves (maybe not the best idea…. but loads of fun
anyway). Everyone, from Directors right through to our receptionist on the
dance floor having some fun. (The Directors aren’t such scary, unavoidable
people after all)
As the party draws to a
close, we are reminded of the “Three grand essentials to
happiness in this life is something to do, something to love and something to
hope for” – Allan Chalmers. The culture at Collective Dynamics really does
offer happiness in this life. We have something to do every day, we have a
passion and a drive to achieve the best results and at CDA, our managers and
directors offer hope for long term success.
A special thank you to Ray Finch from Health Cubed, who organised the
event for us and his efficient side-kicks, Brent and Roy, who assisted with the
decor and bartending duties.
Looking forward to another fantastic year at Collective Dynamics

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